Strictly Dancing, another night from “Fundraising Events” turning heads

Raising funds for clubs and charities in a fun and daring atmosphere.

Dublin, Dec 21st, 2015, Strictly Dancing is the new hot night livening up the scene in big cities nationwide. Set up in a way that mimics the UTV show “Strictly dance”, this live version of the show, is full of excitement, epic dance moves and a bit of craic for everyone involved.

Clubs around Dublin have had the night to remember, while also raising money for their charities. As always “Fundraising Events” produces a completely turn-key event. There are trained event coordinators that make sure that the nights are seemless and the clubs can relax and focus on their moves. The whole night is completely turn-key, from lighting, to show menus to the fabulous and animated MC.

“It is not easy to pull off a show like this and make it truly excellent, like a TV show. But, we have mastered it”, says James Boucher. “Everything from the design of the invites and brochures to set up of the room, is done to a T. We are really proud of our Strictly team”.

They are a great opportunity for the community to get involved in a high class professional production. For some, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and practice and achieve a Big Stage Dance Routine. It brings the entire community together, and most importantly, given the profile of the event, it is a huge fundraising opportunity for the Club or Organisation.



The event exceeded our expectations in many ways. The promotional materials were top notch and the event was a dazzling show of costumes and lighting. The night ran smoothly, so we could enjoy it too. The Strictly Dance team made it the entire night come together
says Yvonne, LauraLynn Hospice Fundraiser.


Strictly Dancing:

Dublin Head Office

Tel: 01-8343300



May 17th, 2015

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