Revenue Potential

There are 2 Ways to Raise Funds
1. Before the Night (Main Revenues)
2. On the Night



You can raise funds by selling Tickets, Contestant Sponsorship, and Adverts.
We issue you with a ‘Starter Pack’ and this contains all the Starter items to get going
You can sell the following and here are the suggested rates (what average clubs charge to achieve there target).
You can increase or decrease rates if you wish.

Ways to Raise Funds Before the Night

Ticket Sales for the Event

1. Ticket Sales for the Event

@ €20.00 each
The Minimum Number of Tickets is usually 500.
The More Tickets you sell the More Money your club will make.
You will need a venue large enough to hold your estimated Ticket Sales.
Usually each act will be allocated at least 20 Tickets (that’s 560 tickets alone sold!)
You can use our On Line Ticketing System to sell or manage sales


2. Contestant ‘Premium Sponsors’

@ €150.00

(with Logo on Profile Page and Half Page Advert Opposite)
There are 14 Acts on the Night each with 2 Contestants
Each Contestant will be required to sell a Contestant Premium Sponsor
For Example: Act 5 (If Spar Blanchardstown Sponsor Contestant 1, John, they get there logo on page and a 1/2 Page Ad Opposite)
They will get publicity on the Night from the MC


3. Contestant ‘Sponsorship Cards’

@ €300.00

(Minimum Requirement)
There are 14 Acts on the Night each with 2 Contestants
The Contestants will be required to raise funds on a Sponsorship Card
There is usually a Prize for the Contestant who raises the most money for the Club/Organisation
Some Contestants have raised 2-10 times there target!


4. Main Event Sponsor

@ €1,000.00 to €2,000.00
Usually the club would seek a ‘Main Event Sponsor’
This sponsor would usually pay between €1,000.00 to €2,000.00, or more for this privilege
The Main Sponsor’s Logo will appear on Posters, and The Front (their logo) and Back Pages (their ad) of the Souvenir Booklet and also on Promo Video’s, Signage and any items Printed for the night. We will also have Signage, and will appear on all promo and printed items relating to the event.
They will get ‘MAJOR’ publicity on the Night from the MC


5. Adverts

@ €100.00

Full Page, €65.00 Half Page
The remaining option to raise funds prior is to sell as many adverts as possible
Companies can take a Full Page or Half Page.
Usually you would offer a Half Page for more (i.e. €65) to encourage them to take a Full Page

Our Design Studio can design all the adverts to a Professional Standard
You simply supply us with details of the company (i.e. A Business Card, Flyer, Etc) and we will make it up

It is important to have a VIP Reception, and Front Row Seats, for the Main and Premium Sponsors and to give them some ‘Complimentary Tickets’ for the event. Usually the Main Sponsor would also be asked to provide a member of staff to be one of the judges for the night.

On the Night you raise funds on the Raffle, Voting, Charity Auction.
Our MC handles all aspects of this and only needs some volunteers.

Ways to Raise Funds On the Night

1. Voting

Voting on the Night will account for 50% of the decision for Winner, with the Judges holding the other 50% of votes.
Therefore it is important for the Supporters of the act to Vote for there Dancer.
Guests can place a vote for €2.00 (Minimum), or have 3 votes for €5.00
Some Guests will place Multiple Votes and you will make more …


2. Raffle

A raffle is the ‘Old Reliable’, everyone loves to win a prize ….
Get as many Spot Prizes as possible and have a Raffle
Usually it’s €2.00 a strip, or 3 strips for €5.00
You can almost guarantee everyone present will buy tickets


3. Charity Auction

Try and Get some items to auction off to the highest bidders.

Ways to Raise Funds Before the Night

1. Selling 500 Tickets €10,000
2. Selling 28 Contestant ‘Premium Sponsors’ € 4,200
3. Selling 28 Contestant ‘Sponsorship Cards’ € 8,400
4. Selling 1 ‘Main Sponsor’ € 2,000
5. Selling 30 Adverts to Local Businesses € 3,000


Ways to Raise Funds On the Night

1. Selling 500 Tickets €1,500
2. Raffle (Estimate based on 500 Guests) € 1,500
3. Voting (Estimate based on 500 Guests) € 1,000

As you can see your potential revenue from the night based on only selling the above,
and based on 500 Ticket Sales is in the region of €30,000+

You can substantially increase this amount by selling additional Tickets, Ads, and by some Contestants raising far in advance of target.
Remember – have a Prize for the Contestant who raises the most – Have a Prize plus a Presentation to that person.

So if you sold 750 tickets, and Contestant Sponsorship was an additional €5,000, your revenue would be in excess of €40,000.

Fundraising Events Group provide all the aspects required for the Night from Start to Finish
You will need to deduct from your Fundraising the Event Management & Production Package Cost